“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you've imagined.”  Attributed to Henry David Thoreau

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Hill EshbachMy name is Hill Eshbach and I’m a life coach and intuitive energy healer.  I show people how to achieve new goals, improve their relationships, feel better about themselves, make the changes they want, and live more joyful, rewarding lives.

The “secrets” for unusual success in life (primarily known previously only to celebrities and business moguls), namely, personal coaching and mentoring, energy psychology, and intuitive energy healing, are now available to anyone who takes advantage of these exceptional methods of growth and achievement.

I was a well-regarded psychotherapist and a popular professor for many years, but suddenly my career came to an abrupt halt when I developed a disabling illness. Unable to work for over a decade, or even live a pain-free life, I sought help from conventional and alternative medical and psychotherapeutic approaches. Some were of limited assistance.

To get my health back, I pursued more deeply my own personal spiritual practices.  Concurrently, I worked with energy psychology practitioners, and with spiritual and intuitive healers. I am now pain free, and live a full life. These different, subtler level approaches opened a new and deeper view of the universe to me, expanding my sense of the possible. I have incorporated all of my learnings from this period into my practice.

Change Your Reality!  Transform Your Life!

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InterDimensional Dynamics
Live the life you've imagined.

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